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Cermak Fresh Market's Grocery Department offer a wide variety of local and international products. We offer unique ethnic grocery items from all over the world that you wont find in any other grocery store. Some of our most popular ethnic items include ones of Greek, Polish, Russian, German, Chinese, Indian and Mexican dissent. These are all high quality products from around the world that meet all of our strict quality standards.

We also offer conventional foods, household products which, include cleaning agents, paper products and charcoal to over 50 types of spices from all over the world and an assortment of frozen items. Throughout the years, Cermak Fresh Market has worked dilligently to offer the newest and biggest variety of items for your convinience. As we continue to expand, we will do our best to offer even more specialty items! Remember, if you cant find an item in our grocery department you can always find a Cermak team member that will do their best to help fulfill your needs. We also accept grocery requests for foods that we do not currently offer, either contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or a store manager to make any grocery request. 

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Cermak Fresh Market

Cermak Fresh Market is a premier Chicago Supermarket Chain located in the Midwest, United States. Our company specializes in a variety of ethnic foods catering to Mexican, Puerto Rican, Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian and other European and Latin American cultures.